Supermarkets in Lae

There are three main supermarkets in Lae: Andersons Foodmart Papindos Of course there are others, and the main market, but I tend to do most of my weekly shopping at the above mentioned. To help give you an idea of the cost of living I thought I’d share a few prices of foodstuffs that I’ve … Continue reading

If you’re thinking of coming to Lae…

When we were researching Lae to see whether we could make a life here we searched online.  Most of the searches seemed scary – lots of talk about crime, security, potholes, raskols, all the ‘bad’ things.  Apart from a few people’s blogs on expat forums, we struggled to find positive experiences and we especially worried … Continue reading

Flown by SOS to Port Moresby with child number 2…

Whilst Maverick was having Malaria, the other two weren’t very well either.  It’s horrid having to prioritise your kids, especially your kids health.  But needs must (I wrote a post about Maverick’s experience with Malaria).  So I got back from Moresby and Ocean was still not well.  Somewhere along the lines Seven got better without … Continue reading

Our first experience of Malaria.. I think…

The kids haven’t been well recently.  At first I thought PNG was amazing because none of the three got ill in the first 4 months which is pretty miraculous.  Then it hit us like a tidal wave. Maverick got hit first.  I was woken my Ocean in the early hours saying that his brother was … Continue reading

Back in the 3rd World

We came back from the First World – namely Australia – on Sunday.  As usual Air Niugini decided to delay flights so any sign of rest and relaxation and family calm was replaced by stress and frustration as we were cooped up in the Executive Lounge which is a bit bigger than a room to swing … Continue reading

1 year results

I took the first photo on 30th August 2012. I’d lost 7kgs (1stone) and I had been feeling great a week or so before I took it. Then that morning I woke up, took a long look in the mirror and sobbed. It didn’t look like me – well not the me that I see … Continue reading